Daily Homework: 4/6-4/10


 Watch Lesson 133  for Language  and Math Complete pages 150-151 (L) 265-266 (M)

Watch Lesson 131 and Read On the Bright Side 78-86  Secret in the Maple Tree  130-135

Read first half of history chapter 19 pages 174-180


 Watch Lesson 134 Arithmetic and Complete pages 267-268

Watch Lesson 135  Language (Skip Lesson 134)

Complete Workbook page 152 and Kahoot

Reading: Watch Lesson 132 and Read OTBS 87-94  Secret in the Maple Tree 136-141

Read history pages 181-187 and complete chapter check up questions on page 187. Please use notebook paper to record answers. 


Watch Lesson 136 for Language and 

Complete pages 155 (Pages 153-154 completed in writing/reading) 

Watch Math lesson 135 and pages 269-270

Watch Lesson 133 and Read On the Bright Side 95-101

  Secret in the Maple Tree  reading is now complete.

This week’s  writing project is to complete a book report on Secret in the Maple Tree.  Book report form can be found in language book pages 153-154


Watch Lesson 137 for Language and 136 for Math 

Complete pages 156 (L) and 271-272(M)

Watch lesson 133 and Read On the Bright Side 102-109. Continue work on  Secret in the Maple Tree book report.


April 10: No assigned work 

Extra Goals to Grow your Learning:


Read chapter 19 pages 174-180 from our history book.


History pages 181-187 and comprehension check


Secret in Maple Tree Book Report

Send picture of complete work 


Challenge yourself to see how high you can get your ReadTheory grade and Xtra Math scores.


Find a way to encourage those around you.